Corporate Wellness Programs
Corporate wellness programs are designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating an organizational culture of health.

We create corporate wellbeing through a tool for empowerment to thrive on and off work. A questionnaire provides actionable insights to handle common obstacles for mental health and how to lead a healthy and productive life. As your employees progress through wellbeing  programs, you get real-time metrics on engagement levels, workplace wellbeing & productivity.


Access the status quo. As your staff makes private online mental health check-ins as well as monthly corporate wellbeing surveys, you get engagement and wellness data in real-time.

2.Create Direction

Based on the personal and company reflections, your staff sets private and professional wellbeing plans to create an actionable direction that lead to both wellbeing and productivity.

3. Take Action

Your staff becomes self leading by syncing the to-dos with personal and company goals. In-app mental health coaching makes sure no one is overwhelmed.


Repeat the process to raise resilience on individual and organizational levels. Use metrics, insights, and provided resources to create a positive wellbeing culture.


Why consider implement workplace  wellness trends?

Companies with an effective wellness program realised an average reduction of 28% in sick days and 26% in health costs.

70% of employees need their employers help to make sure they are healthy and financially secured.

over 50% of millennial have seriously considered switching jobs due to workplace stress.

Delivering more personalised wellness programs would motivate over 80& of employees to participate more.

How It Works

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Stress and adrenals



Blood sugar stabilization


Anxiety and emotional transformation

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